Frequently Asked Questions by Users

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Frequently Asked Questions by Users

Most of our customers have questions during production that you can easily ask us here.

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General and technical questions

Frequently Asked Questions

My production speed has come down, what should I do?

One of the reasons for the slowdown in production can be due to clogging and lack of movement of materials in the funnel or very high temperatures.

1- Check the RPM of the extruder 2- Check the feed entry speed 3- Reduce the temperature 4- Change the formulation 5- Increase the RPM of the extruder 6- Check the condition of the helix in terms of wear

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The engine load is too high. I am worried it will damage the device. What do you think I should do to lower the engine load?

This problem is often caused by the material not softening in the gas section and the engine speed is not commensurate with the amount of feed.

1- Decreasing the feeding speed 2- Increasing the temperature of the middle areas (zone 3) of the extruder 3- Increasing the mold temperature 4- Changing the formulation

What is the solution to the back pressure in the throat?

This problem can be detected by a sphygmomanometer.

1- Increase engine speed 2- Increase feed speed 3- Decrease jacket oil temperature 4- Increase mold temperature

Hello. I had a question from your presence, what could be the reason that the powder is drawn into the vacuum.

This may be due to a small amount of vacuum applied to the exhaust or clogging of the vacuum or filters. Except for the following, reducing the flow velocity by reducing the spiral rotation speed and resetting the traction velocity can also be a solution.